Video installation

Video HDV, Black and white, 3’40’’

A dream by astronomer Camille Flammarion sent to space on board Osiris Rex Space craft.

View from the video HDV, Black and white, 3’40’’, Cape Canaveral, Florida

Facsimile of the dream sent onboard the Osiris rex spacecraft,
Camille Flammarion handwriting, Reproduction on a mirror plate

L'envol du re?ve from Anais Tondeur on Vimeo.

In the story that concerns us here, the first dreamer is known as Camille Flammarion. A century ago, he commits a dream to paper. The second dreamer is the artist Anaïs Tondeur. Visiting the archives of Camille Flammarion, she recognised a dance between science and dream, characteristic of her practice. A dream brotherhood set up.
Then, Anaïs Tondeur receives a proposition of NASA. There is some free memory in a hard drive, in a spacecraft. NASA likes the idea of this space serving as a capsule for artworks. Sending in the infinitely unknown, fragments of our extravagance. For Anaïs Tondeur the intention is immediate: she will send a dream to space, the handwriting of Camille Flammarion, three pages extracted from the astronomer’s dream book, a symbiotic world. Half bird, half dragonfly humans evolve in the vast forests of Aldebaran’s giant star where they found a common balance, suspended in the infinite.

He, the astronomer who dreamt to push the boundaries of our perception, bound with NASA. His dream matter, left the earth, on board Osiris Rex spacecraft, on September 8th, 2016. At present time, the spacecraft travels through space and goes back in time. It travels towards the asteroid Bennu, towards the night of the dream, this morning of 1856 when Camille Flammarion, young man, foresaw in the folds of his dream the forest of Aldebaran.

The installation is composed of a video installation which retraces the take off of the dream as well as a series of drawings: fragments of The forest of Aldebaran, a dream by Camille Flammarion.

Damien Mc Donald, 2016
(translated from French)

Osiris Rex spacecraft actually travels towards the asteroid Bennu. Its objective is to return to earth a few grams of dust collected on the surface of the asteroid, presumed contaning molecules at the origin of life on earth.