Collaboration with designer Yesenia Thibault Picazo and COAL

Participatory investigation, performances and installations

In 1952, storm chaser Roberta Jensen discovered a mysterious phenomenon in the underground of Paris and its suburban region, known as the Cumulus subterraneus. The vast construction work of the Grand Paris Express currently undergoing in the region have revealed some traces of this mysterious meteorological underground phenomena. The Institut Sols Fictions takes advantage of these construction works to resume the thread of R. Jensen’s investigation on the tracks of this underground cloud.

An emergence of the underground cloud, Grand Paris Express, 2018

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Project developed by Institut Sols Fictions, a collective formed by artists, designers, scientists and curators on a residency Chantiers Partagés , project for the Société du Grand Paris, under the artistic direction of José-Manuel Gonçalvès and 104, Paris.