Collaboration with the anthropologist Marine Legrand

Video installation, HDV, Col, Mud, menstrual blood

This performance is the second gesture of a triptych that takes shape from feminine body fluids, in the intent to participate in the care of living environments. Following the performance Galalith (milkstone), made out of breast milk, Selenhydre, from the Greek selene (the moon) and hydr (aqua): is formed from moons water, that is to say blood which flows between the legs of women, at the rhythm of lunar tides. This second gesture emerges from the importance of not focusing the exploration of femininity on the question of motherhood only, but also of turning to a more obscure part of femininity, marked by a deep taboo. This second gesture repairs a double confinement. The one formed by the dams on the rivers, and the silence which surrounds the subject of the periods, as a feminine tare, even as a curse. Thus, Selenhydre accompanies the flow of water between the banks of the rivers and the porosity of the materials through which it accumulates to project further afield, and tend gradually to the ocean, the original place, hence its force sweeps back to the land.

Selenhydre performance took the form of an offering, made by one of us at the beginning of her periodic cycle, in the entry of a river, at rising tide. The object at the center of the gesture is made from an encounter between materials, the uterine blood and the mud of the estuary.

Selenhydre from Anais Tondeur on Vimeo.